The Experience

Inspired by traditional and small sushi restaurants in Japan, our seasonal omakase menus designed by chef Tadashi Shiraishi are the center of the experience offered at Omotebako.

Our kitchen is run by Chef and founder Tadashi Shiraishi – Eater Miami Reader’s Choice Chef of The Year 2018 for the success while ahead of stelar Wynwood secret Omakase restaurant HIDEN – has a vast experience working on some of the most luxurious cities around the globe including Mykonos, Saint Moritz, Tokyo, Paris and São Paulo.

To handcraft a singular dinner experience that unites the exquisite flavours and aromas of the classic Japanese cuisine with influences from all the places Tadashi has been is our starting point.

The ultimate goal is to be able to offer an experience designed to bring all the quality and freshness you can have at a high end Omakase restaurant and take it to the satety and comfort of your own house.

Your omakase is carefully prepared in a traditional Japanese “jubako” box and wrapped with an exclusive “furoshiki”cloth.

To make sure every aspect of your experience is flawless and authentic, we include in your first order a special essentials kit with high grade wooden chopsticks, ceramic plate for soy sauce and a chopstick rest you can use as many times you like.