Omotebako was born to change the ways we can work our daily jobs by drastically reducing the amount of disposbale materials in our operation, respecting every ingredient we source and the whole chain that we are part of.

We are from day one 100% free of plastic and paper disposable residues.

Up to this day, we were able to save from being thrown away 2.786 units of disposable objetcs. Among this number we have:

• Disposable bamboo chopsticks
• Paper or plastic soy sauce plates
• Paper or plastic take away trays
• Plastic bottles or soy sauce packets
• Paper napkins in plastic packs
• Plastic or paper bags

On top of that, by sending to every costumer our essentials kit in the first order, we were able to help prevent 796 people from accepting disposable chopsticks or plates when ordering from other restaurants.

By the end of 2021, our expectation is to have saved aproximately 9.212 units of disposable items from being thrown away. That is aproximately 70 kg less trash that we can prevent from going into our environment.